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Throwing Money Down the Drain?

The use of a chemical in septic tanks is not needed & can/will disrupt your current system.

Chemicals or additives are products advertised as a way of keeping your septic system “healthy.” Septic systems are made to work without assistance. The process involves bacteria which break up the sludge, but with the addition of chemicals, can upset this cycle.

Be wary of any products, marketing themselves as “fix all” types. Pumping is the best septic system cleaner and bypassing this crucial step, can and will result in costly repairs.

Inevitably, homeowners use chemicals in the tank, & the consequences aren’t worth the payoff. Normal use of household cleaners such as bleach, detergent etc., will not harm your septic system.

We suggest limiting the use of anti-bacterial products because this can damage the bacterial action of the septic system.

Some companies sell biological additives, and while these may not harm a septic system, we feel it is a waste of money.

So save your dollars and don’t put it down your drain.