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G & C Septic Focuses on Septic Pumping in Lodi CA

G & C Septic Focuses on Septic Pumping in Lodi CA

By Cory Steele

August 25, 2014

G & C Septic Tank Service focuses on septic tank pumping in Lodi CA

Septic pumping in Lodi, CA is key growth area for local business 

Lodi CA – G & C Septic & The Lodi Grape Festival will be joining forces this year. G & C Septic is honored to host a booth at the Lodi Grape Festival, showcasing the company, experience & customer service as an exhibitor.  Septic pumping in Lodi, Ca is a key market for the local business, & attending the Grape festival is definitely a way to get in front of customers.

“We are very excited to be a part of such a wonderful event,” owner Shon Steele stated.  “Lodi ,CA septic pumping is a growth market, & we are focusing on it,” he explained.

The festival spans four days, including exhibitors, live music and of course…wine tasting!  Since 1934, the Grape festival grounds have been the premier event center for Lodi; in 2014 the expected attendees should surpass 75,000 people.

“With the cost of the booth & the amount of people expected to attend, it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our company,” Cory Steele said, head of Sales and Marketing for G & C Septic.  “Ken Grey and Lance, our technicians, will be at the booth as well, showcasing there expertise in the septic pumping industry.”

There booth will be inside the Lodi festival grounds, Sept 10-13th.  They will giving away a wine raffle in exchange for email addressees.  This allows for easier contact with customers & more accurate records of on site systems.   Grab a bag on your way out & showcase to the entire crowd as well – the bags will free of course.