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Sacramento Septic Inspections & Evaluations

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– Septic System Inspections
– Real Estate Report
– Second Opinion

Whether the property has a conventional “Gravity Fed” system, a mounded system or other alternative technology, our goal is to perform a thorough analysis of the performance on all present components.

A septic system is underground and it’s important to gain access into the distribution box (if present) and leach lines of the disposal field to obtain the full story on the “health of the system”.

What We Do at a Septic Inspection:

The septic tank will be pumped and checked for cracks, leaks & deterioration. The inlet and outlet baffle, upon request, will also be checked.

If a pump is present, electrical components and floats will be checked.

If the property has a conventional, gravity fed system, a  water test will be performed; approx 100 gal in the outlet of the system which helps indicate if the laterals will take water.  If level in tank increases, this shows weak or failing leach lines.

The distribution box can be dug up and exposed for investigation. (This may incur additional fees).  This will provide important information on the “health of the system”. Is the system contaminated with sludge, is the water level too high, is the disposal field saturated with solids?


Your Septic Inspection Report

A detailed report will document findings and explain recommended maintenance, required repairs or reasons for malfunction with pictures and any video documented.

If the report describes required repairs or reasons for malfunction, G & C Septic can provide a quote to resolve any present issues.

Second Opinion

Our expertise is frequently called upon to further investigate and identify septic system problems. We are available to review other companies’ inspection reports or to follow-up when “further investigation” is indicated. We will offer our professional opinion as to the cause of any identified problem(s). ((Rate is cost of new report.)

Septic Inspections and Escrow Evaluations

California home sales should always have a certified septic evaluation. The septic eval consists of locating, digging, and pumping the system, along with a full report.

The following are components of the septic inspection report:

• The general layout and placement of the septic tank.
• Analysis of its operational effectiveness in relationship to all of the factors that are specified.
• A description of the tank including; material, condition, tees, and lid accessibility.
• Measurements from the house, foundation, and well.