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Pumper Magazine

“Adapt & Win”

A Reflection

Ever since I was a freshman at University of Idaho, I have enjoyed writing classes and feature stories-whether it be for newspapers or a research paper.  I wasn’t particularly a good writer, however I liked learning about new stories, ideas and people.  Its been quite some time since I’ve written a story, but utilizing this blog has been helpful in getting my ideas on paper.


Ironically enough today, my family and I are the ones being featured.   A marketing guy at heart, my family & I are appreciative to be featured in the November issue of Pumper Magazine.  From the interview to the photo shoot, it has been a great experience and beneficial to our companies marketing goals.


Pumper Magazine is a Waste water industry subscription that focuses on companies across the U.S. in similar businesses, products and vendors that work alongside said businesses and public sector organizations influencing the industry as a whole.   A well manicured publication, Pumper approached my fathers company, G & C Septic about a feature story-it would include a company interview and story, photo shoot and video documenting the trials and tribulations of working in the Waster water industry today.


We approached it with open arms and began the 7-month process of emails and phone calls to perfect the story.


It has since been published & will be a great marketing tool moving forward.  It has come full circle, from me enjoying to write as a college freshman to the one being featured in magazine.  Not exactly the “15-seconds” of fame I would probably dream of, but enjoyable and eye opening none the less.


You can read our feature story in the November issue of Pumper magazine by visiting this link: