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Goal setting for Business

2 Tips for handling Goal setting “Like a boss.”


We’ve all heard about the importance of goal setting in our own lives. For some, especially non-millennial, the word stews ugly thoughts of  failed New Year’s resolutions & abandoned diet fads.  For others, it’s a way of life.  Regardless, we can all agree, creating a goal setting mentality & implementing a strategy, is critical with it comes to a business’s success.


When you realize where you stand, & where you want to go, things become more clear & easier to understand.  The decisions a business owner makes must parallel the line of your goal setting.  To act sporadically or chose the “default” path will work for short periods of time, however implementing goals is how small companies morph into big businesses.

Start with your wants


YOU must understand what you want for your own life & the lives of your family.  To know exactly whats you want is very rare, but to have an idea and follow that path with the decisions you make isn’t as rare.  Writing your goals down is a way to lay claim to your wants; and forming what I call “have” statements.  I want to own 3 locations, I want to have 10 people, I want to have a certain profit margin percentage.


Create a high-quality game


Find ways to increase the “want” factor for the people surrounding you.  The buy-in is what I like to call it.  It speaks to how committed the employees around you go above and beyond; rather than just the bare minimum.   The “whats in it for me” factor must be present in every decision to get buy-in from you team.


These two important factors often get overlooked by management; but implementing these ideas and remaining consistent with your goal setting, will lead to greater success in your business and hopefully in your life.