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G&C Septic Utilizing Sacramento Grease Trap Facility

By Cory Steele
March 14, 2012

G&C Septic Tank Service Utilizing Sacramento Grease Trap Disposal Facility

Energy and sanitation partnership increases energy production while reducing waste.

Sacramento, CA – Carson Energy and Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (SRCSD) have developed a partnership in Elk Grove, CA to construct and maintain the co-generation plant that is partly fueled by bio-gas. The Sacramento fats, oils and grease disposal facility is scheduled to open March 2013.

G&C Septic Tank Service, operating in Sacramento and San Joaquin counties, a grease trap cleaning company and registered grease hauler, will be taking advantage of this new facility. The Sacramento project has numerous operational, financial and community benefits for local residents.  It will allow for more competitive prices in the grease trap cleaning industry, reduce local amounts of waste entering the sewer collection system and increase electricity to over 1,000 homes. The bio-gas produced will provide renewable energy for SMUD and emergency power for SRWTP in the event of a major power failure.

The bio-gas is produced in anaerobic digesters; large covered tanks equipped for mixing, heating, and collecting the gas produced.  Anaerobic bacteria in the digesters converts organic matter into carbon dioxide, water, and methane.

Why This New Grease Disposal Facility Is Important

By providing an advanced, local waste management site, SRCSD and Carson Energy have raised the bar in quality disposal sites around Sacramento.  This plant creates an opportunity for G&C Septic to expand, servicing more customers and permitting competitive grease trap cleaning rates to more local businesses. With this new plant, G&C is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

G&C Septic was founded in California and calls Sacramento County a home for business.