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What is an Effluent Filter?

What Is an Effluent Filter?

When it comes to maintaining a septic system in California, the state has a specific set of requirements for property owners.  However, there are additional measures that can be taken, to ensure a healthy septic system.  The effluent filter is the most important of those things that owners can utilize, improving the filtration process and protecting the drain field from solid waste.

Installation: What to Expect

An effluent filter is installed in the tank, replacing the exit baffle. This filters all the waste water before it leaves the tank, preventing larger solids from exiting.  Replacing an exit line, with an effluent filter shouldn’t tank long, depending on your service provider.  They can either knock the existing baffel off, or simply slide the filter down the existing baffel.

Obstacles can occur on older units that must be considered. Speak with your service representative about your particular unit, its age and location to get a better idea of what to expect prior to installation.


The Advantages of an Effluent Filter

The effluent filter works in much the same way. It is made out of PVC and is installed to the pipe that comes into the tank, rather than being connected to the tank itself. If you are told that you need to replace the exit baffle, it is in your best interest to pay the extra money and have them put in an effluent filter instead because it will fix the issue and add extra protection to your drain field at the same time.


How Important is an Effluent Filter?

Like with all other septic system issues and maintenance concerns, the importance or urgency of replacing the exit baffle with an effluent filter will be dependent upon the age of your system and your typical daily use. Systems that are over 20 years old should upgrade to an effluent filter as soon as possible to avoid issues associated with failed exit baffles.

However, for households where there are just one or two adults and not a lot of company, there is much more control over what is going down the toilets and drains. While an effluent filter is beneficial to each and every home with a septic system, it is not as essential in a home situation like this as it is in a more crowded, varied household.

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