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Septic System Maintenance

Septic Inspection process seems vital for success

Septic Inspection process seems vital for success

Septic inspection through education is vital to maintain professional standards for the industry. When I received my certification for Orenco Systems to be a certified onsite maintenance provider, I was relieved to know that a majority of pumpers are not certified!  Many homes and real estate transactions need septic inspection throughout there lifespan, ensuring continued growth for pumping companies. “It…read more →

How to: Fixing a Toilet

The truth is that a toilet is a simple thing.  There are two moving parts: the float and valve assembly, and the stopper that controls the release of water.  When pressed, a Venturi effect sucks down (hopefully) the waste, & your back to the “game.” But…parts come loose, break, ect & then your toilet isn’t working.  Follow these steps to…read more →

4 Easy Steps to Proper Septic System Maintenance

Proper septic system maintenance will avoid messy problems and save you money in the long run.  Here are 4 easy steps to follow. Install a septic tank effluent filter (more information at the bottom of this page.) Install a riser and locking lid to bring all septic tank access lid(s) to the surface (grade) for ease of regular servicing. Enroll…read more →