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7 Review Clues

Pay attention to the reviews you already have
It may sound obvious, but you can’t generate good reviews (at least not legally) unless you have happy customers to write them.  Start by making sure customers are receiving 5-star service all around.  Resolving issues upfront will show credibility and trust.   

ASK for reviews
Not good reviews — just reviews – and not until the end of the transaction.  Using services like Review-buzz, or Angie’s list review cards can make the process simpler for newcomers unsure how to solicit that review.  Ultimately letting them know your company takings feedback seriously.

Make your Web presence known
By engaging customers online, you can solidify trust people are looking for & make your presence known online.  Hosting Google chats or Youtube videos shows customers a behind the scenes impression of your company.  This allows them to share there thoughts about the product or service more easily.

Respond swiftly to bad reviews 
Resist the urge to defend your company, product, or employee, an approach that almost always makes things worse.  Keep it simple, stupid.  Always respond positively, showcasing your contact info and make sure you follow up with that customer, outside on the online platform.  Nothing looks worse, than a battle on a social forum.  

Reach out to negative reviewers directly.
Not everyone recommends responding publicly to bad reviews. Call that customer directly and have a discussion to ensure they are a happy customer moving forward.

It’s a numbers game
The more reviews you get, the more likely you are to get one or more bad reviews. Even if you are providing the best product or service you can, some people will tend to complain. Knowing that, ensure 5-star service and ASK for the reviews; it will pay off.

Keep it simple!!!

Review-buzz makes this simple for service companies.  There platform allows for customers to easily share thoughts, & for companies to easily get in contact with that customer.