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5 Sins of Advertising

Are you advertising as effectively as you could be? Learn how to avoid these advertising blunders with these 5 sins of advertising.

1. Track your advertising

Don’t throw out advertising dollars and pray it works. Every ad/marketing plan should have a specific goal & be able to track results.

2.  Know when to advertise

Companies must maintain consistency when advertising and see it through so results can be measured against goals.

3. Advertise in the right place

Very simple but most screw this up.  Market where your specific customers hang out, talk, socialize, work ect.  If you own a well drilling business, chances are you shouldn’t market the companies services in a metro area.

4. Create a consistent visual image

“Logo, colors, and even the language of your advertising messages should have a consistent look and feel.  So many companies throw images and themes that don’t match there company look; be more disciplined than this.

5. Find out what works for others

Find where your business is located in terms of competitors & find your niche.  If company A,B and C are all advertising emergency service, showcase something else that your business is great at.