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Goal setting for Business

2 Tips for handling Goal setting “Like a boss.”   We’ve all heard about the importance of goal setting in our own lives. For some, especially non-millennial, the word stews ugly thoughts of  failed New Year’s resolutions & abandoned diet fads.  For others, it’s a way of life.  Regardless, we can all agree, creating a goal setting mentality & implementing a strategy,…read more →

7 Review Clues

Pay attention to the reviews you already have It may sound obvious, but you can’t generate good reviews (at least not legally) unless you have happy customers to write them.  Start by making sure customers are receiving 5-star service all around.  Resolving issues upfront will show credibility and trust.    ASK for reviews Not good reviews — just reviews – and…read more →

Septic Inspection process seems vital for success

Septic Inspection process seems vital for success

Septic inspection through education is vital to maintain professional standards for the industry. When I received my certification for Orenco Systems to be a certified onsite maintenance provider, I was relieved to know that a majority of pumpers are not certified!  Many homes and real estate transactions need septic inspection throughout there lifespan, ensuring continued growth for pumping companies. “It…read more →

G & C Septic Focuses on Septic Pumping in Lodi CA

G & C Septic Focuses on Septic Pumping in Lodi CA

By Cory Steele August 25, 2014 G & C Septic Tank Service focuses on septic tank pumping in Lodi CA Septic pumping in Lodi, CA is key growth area for local business  Lodi CA – G & C Septic & The Lodi Grape Festival will be joining forces this year. G & C Septic is honored to host a booth…read more →

Creating Value in Business

What’s you competitive advantage?  What sets you apart? On a matrix, most companies are by the x/y axis that are closes to zero.  They shoot for low price, low customer service, and low quality products.  Whats the advantage of doing this?   YOU CANT HAVE ALL THREE.   YOU MUST CHOOSE TWO………..PRICE AND QUALITY………..PRICE AND SERVICE.  CANT HAVE ALL THREE!…read more →

New Homeowners

As I’m venturing into the landscape of home ownership, I’ve realized there is more than meets the eye in terms of buying & maintaining a home.  Being my second home, the learning curve is less of a burden- but for all you FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS, think before you act!   The maintenance tasks that new home owners face are…read more →

How to: Fixing a Toilet

The truth is that a toilet is a simple thing.  There are two moving parts: the float and valve assembly, and the stopper that controls the release of water.  When pressed, a Venturi effect sucks down (hopefully) the waste, & your back to the “game.” But…parts come loose, break, ect & then your toilet isn’t working.  Follow these steps to…read more →